ATV Rules

Cedar Pond Campground rules for riding ATVs,UTVs and trail bikes in the campground

Having a connector trail to the campground is wonderful for all of us, we are glad to have the connector trail open for your enjoyment and convenience. For the comfort and safety of everyone we ask that you obey the following rules, while in the campground generally use common sense when it comes to safety with your ATV, UTV or TRAIL BIKE. Please review all state laws and rules before setting out for a day’s riding. Make sure you have all the gear you need and know what is expected of you by the state to avoid getting a ticket and ruining your visit to the Great North woods. We have maps available in the office.

• Maximum speed limit in the campground is 5 MPH for all vehicles, Always enforced for campground safety .Please drive single file and remain on right side of the road. All New Hampshire ATV  rules that apply to the trails also apply to riding on the campground roads.
• The campground ends on Roberge Rd where the road goes up to the left to the tent sites, It is posted,  please do not   go beyond that point, it is  private property.
• Helmet and eye protection use is required by those 18 years or younger
• Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent at all times while driving an ATV in the campground.
Visitors to our campground guests and seasonal campers that arrive on ATV’s are not allowed to ride into the campground. They must park in guest parking adjacent to 110A, check in to the office and pay their visitor fee and walk into the campground.
Always travel on the gravel campground roads (no cutting through the woods or campsites) to get to the 110A connector trail via Roberge Rd.
• Use extreme caution when exiting the campground- STOP LOOK AND LISTEN- We feel Roberge Rd has the best line of sight and strongly recommend you to exit to the connector trail at that location, if you are staying on the landing side of the campground use the  east (to the right) side of our sign for the best line of sight.
• No riding in campground or on connector trail after dark (as per the NH Digest  of Regulations). ALL ATV’S MUST BE BACK IN THE CAMPGROUND ½ HOUR BEFORE DARK. Machines may not be run during the campground’s quiet hours of 10pm-8am
• You may only use your ATV for transportation from your campsite to the connector trail and back to your campsite from the connector trail. ATV’s may not be used on the campground for any other purpose, i.e. visit other campers, go to restrooms or beach.
• ATV riders are expected to operate their machines as quietly as possible to maintain a relaxing campground environment.
• If you need to work on your ATV/UTV or Trail Bike Please be courteous and do not rev your engine. No disposal of fluids is allowed. You must take all fluids with you.

As per the NH Digest of regulations the maximum speed on the connector trail is 30 MPH.

At this time we don’t allow any washing of  ATVS, however there is a car wash in Berlin on Wight Street (Rt 110) that welcomes them.

The management reserves the right to evict anyone who does not follow these rules or poses a danger to others in the campground. Please be careful and have fun.