Camp Rules

  1. Please be courteous: Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.  Please do not walk through another camper’s site.
  2. Please NO SMOKING in our rental units.
  3. BE  VERY CAREFUL! CROSSING  THE ROAD to or from Office (RT 110A-muzzy hill Rd), the traffic moves fast and it is hard to see the traffic until it is close.
  4. Dirt Bikes and 4 Wheelers are not allowed to be used around the campground. They may be used only when leaving for trails and re-entering.
  5. We are Pet friendly as long as you can abide to our Pet Policy.
  6. One car per family(4 people), per site. Two small tents per tent site.
  7. Guests: There is a charge for guests, $5 per day if guest(s) leave by 9:00pm.  Camper or Guests must pay the daily fee and park in the designated parking areas. There is not room for guest parking of any kind at the sites and parking on the edge of the campground  roads is not allowed. Guests are permitted to use all facilities of the campground while visiting. If your guest(s) stays overnight (Site Max occupancy of 4 adults allowing) the daily guest fee will be applied to the overnight guest fee and they will just pay the additional fee determined by your accommodation ( Tent & RV Site $2.00-Rentals $10.00-Cabins $15.00)
  8. Parents are responsible for the behavior and safety of their children on the beach, in the water, restrooms and in the campground, climbing trees and playing around restrooms is prohibited.
  9. Be courteous while on the beach, don’t kick, throw sand or allow play to get out of hand- roughhousing or dangerous play is not allowed on the beach or on the swim raft. Please see beach rules.
  10. Roberge Rd is a right of way, please keep this road clear and beware of traffic for all riding bicycles.
  11. No live trees are to be cut or damaged in any way. Only down and dead wood may be used.
  12. Never leave your site until fire is out, DEAD OUT. Fires are only permitted in the established fireplaces.  Our fire permit allows fires for cooking anytime and camp fires between 5 PM and 9 AM. Please See Form 5601A
  13. Additional Campfire rules apply, Form RSA227-L;17 and RES 5600, please ask for details if needed.
  14. Keep campsites neat, place trash in dumpster as needed daily and at the end of your stay.  Be aware that we are in an area where bears may visit, if you are tent camping put your food in your vehicle at night, NOT IN YOUR TENT! Leave Your campsite as you found it, Please leave nothing behind.
  15. The management reserves the right to take action as necessary to eject from the grounds any person willfully or maliciously damaging any property, or in any way failing to comply with these rules. This includes drunk and disorderly conduct and any illegal activity. The management assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

Thank  You for your cooperation and Happy Camping,

Ron and Donna,

Your Campground hosts.