The property that Cedar Pond Campground now sits on, was once owned by the Twitchell family. That is an old local name in the North Country and we’re not sure which branch of the family actually owned the property.  However, the homestead did sit on the piece of land opposite the waterside of the campground approximately where sites # 32 and 31 are now.  No one seems to be able to tell us exactly what happened to the homestead, because there is no trace at all that it ever existed we think maybe a fire destroyed it.  The beach side of the property was at that time, privately owned by the Twitchell’s, however, they allowed the public to use it. The beach went from the water up to the road and people simply pulled off onto the edge of the sand to park and go swimming. There were changing rooms down on the beach and from what we’ve been told it was a pretty popular local spot. Apparently many a romance began at Cedar Pond! The pictures we’ve seen are circa 1940-but the pond is just as pretty today!

The present day office building was originally built to house the new bathrooms and upstairs was a snack bar, selling hot dogs and hamburgers and ice cream for the beach goers.  In the early 60’s the property was purchased by the Frechettes, and they started to build the campground. What we call the landing (the water side) is where the first sites were installed.  The sand and gravel was brought in by the truckload to fill part of the beach, then the wiring and plumbing was laid in and that is how it all began. Then some sites were added on the other side of the road and up the hill.  

The Silks purchased it in the very early 70’s and owned it for 30+ years.  During that time the state boat launch was put in and the fill from that project was put in the campground to create sites #23 & 25 and the parking area.  When the Silks owned it they had a little store in the office building called the Cedar Pond Superette, at one time they sold all the normal camping staples as well as beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, penny candy and ice cream. Many of the pond residents who walk around the pond have fond memories of Mrs. Silk in the store as they walked around the pond each evening and got their treat of ice cream or candy. Mrs. Silk passed on the year before we purchased the campground, and Mr. Silk passed on during the summer of 2010, up until that time he spent his summers in the little blue and white cottage diagonally across from the office.